Howick 175

Celebrating Together 1847-2022 Whakanui Tahi Ana



Howick's 175th Anniversary Year is 2022


Howick Village was established in 1847 with the arrival of the first European settlers, the Fencibles.

Historic and iconic All Saints Church was built in time to welcome them.  The main street of Howick today is Picton Street, but this was not the original main street of Howick. 

Alan la Roche, our very own Historian, has published a series of articles about these first European settlers to arrive at Howick Beach, the many influential people who have lived in Howick's surrounds, and a whole lot more. 




For fascinating reading take some time to read these articles - Historic Notes

For more indepth information on the local European history there are three books available in local bookstores

For information on commemorative events scheduled for 2022, local stories and more, please visit the dedicated website:



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