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Flat Bush lives up to its name. It is flat (mostly!) and includes Barry Curtis Park with its multitude of sport and activity facilities, and the Murphys Bush reserve – an oasis of native trees, birds and quiet solitude amid the bustle of a rapidly expanding residential suburb.

Introducing Ormiston (Flat Bush)

A new town, Ormiston, in Flat Bush, is rapidly developing on the border of Botany.   This area will house an anticipated population of 40,000 by 2025.  The Ormiston Town Centre will form the retail hub for this newly established residential area with construction under way.  It will include retail stores, restaurants, a gym, movie theatres, a library, an aquatic centre, and a range of public open spaces that will connect to the neighbouring Barry Curtis Park.  Flat Bush is best described as a work in progress. Houses are going up everywhere as this former area of farmland is rapidly transformed into a residential suburb. Long time lifestyle and small farm property owners are gradually selling-up as their land is developed for housing. Many of the newcomers are immigrants from Asia and Europe as well as from other parts of New Zealand.

As one of Auckland’s newest housing areas, Flat Bush complies with the aims of the new Auckland Plan which calls for more medium and high density housing. As a result, the area is taking on an exciting but very different look from the traditional quarter acre pavlova paradise of old New Zealand.

Flat Bush is also one of New Zealand’s most comprehensively planned urban developments, which means it is not just about housing. Being developed alongside new housing is the huge 94 hectare Barry Curtis Park. It is a park with a difference and well worth a trip from the city via the distinctive bridge on Ormiston Road that runs through the middle of the park.


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