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Howick : Murvale Reserve

Murvale Reserve is a small woodland with a meadow surrounded by houses - a secret hideaway.  There is a taste of it along Bleakhouse Road and if you stop there and walk through you will be surprised by the lovely meadow that greets you.   You can also walk though between the houses on Macleans Road - its only a small walkway and easy to miss.  Alternatively start at the bottom in Murvale Drive and walk up.


The pathway is a bit rough so maybe not suitable for everyone.  



Lovely shady oakl wood - there is a little stream and a side path that is fun to explore if you are careful



One of the very impressive Macrocarpa trees.

This is a short interlude on the way to the beach or the marina - but well worth it.


Annette  Sept 2018

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