Car Trip Howick and beyond
  1. Waking up bright and early we head for the Howick Village Market. Held every Saturday from 8am, the market is chock-a-block with treasures and edible goodies. It’s one of the best things to do in East Auckland, that’s for sure. Afterwards we pop in to one of the many amazing café’s on Picton Street for a coffee and some scrumptious breakfast. There are so many to choose from. Once we have replenished ourselves take a short walk around the corner to the Classy Craft Market in the All Saints Church, for homemade jewelry, knit wear, wood work and other crafty things.


Market 2


  1. Then we head down to the Bucklands Beach, park up and take a 15 minute stroll along the boardwalk across to the Half Moon Bay Marina where we will grab a bite to eat at Grangers, one of the best restaurants in East Auckland or an ice-cream or drink.

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IMG 20181114 124650

 3. We then take a 20 min drive to Whitford.  Carrying on towards Beachlands and the Pohutukawa       Coast we enjoy the scenery.  On the way we stop off at Brookwood Lodge in Beachlands.  Not         only is this a lovely bed and breakfast but they also make their own chocolates - lovely gift for         my mother.  We then heading off.  Maraetai has Omana Reserve, and two of the best beaches         in East Auckland with white sand and plenty of space for a decent stroll.

 omana park 2 web


4. On the way back home, we stop off at Prenzel in Whitford for a liquor tasting. Groups are always welcome and greeted, and offered a liqueur taster and introduced to the Prenzel taste sensations that are on offer.  I think that I will buy a bottle of my favourite.  


  1. For dinner we end up at the Apothecary or Basalt or the Good Home in Howick, too many to choose from.

6. Later on that evening we head off to our local Howick Little Theatre to watch their new show. Since the 80s, HLT, has produced plays of various genre.

A perfect day in East Auckland exploring Howick and beyond ......


Charmaine  March 2018


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